You Agree to This

●	I represent that my dog is in good health, is current on all required vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella, Corona etc.), is free of fleas, ticks, and lice, and has not been ill with any known contagious viruses in the last 30 days. I understand that Smokey & Charlie reserves the right to refuse admission for any dog in case of any infestation / presence of parasites is observed or if the dog looks to be medically unwell
●	I understand that if the external parasites have to be treated / removed, the subsequent expenses for the - treatment/ application of any medication or grooming - done at Smokey & Charlie will be borne by me
●	I understand that any beddings, toys supplied by me may get damaged or destroyed during the stay. I shall not hold Smokey & Charlie responsible for any such damage
●	I represent that my dog is sociable and has not harmed or shown threatening behaviours towards any person or any other dog. I understand that Smokey & Charlie reserves the right to refuse admission to dogs which show such behaviour
●	I understand that Smokey & Charlie reserve the right to remove a dog from its day care or boarding facilities at any time in case the dog is unfit to stay in the premises owing to issues of fitment, medical issue, temperament issues, behaviour issues - after intimation to me or my emergency contact. In case myself or the emergency contact is unreachable, I will be charged for the additional period of stay and also be liable to pay a 18% interest per month of the due value
●	I agree to pay 50% of the fees in advance and 50% at the time of check-in 
●	I agree not to dispute the boarding fees chargeable and to pay the same at the time it is due without any contestation
●	I understand that my pet will be released from the facility after clearing of all dues from my end
●	I agree to pick up my dog prior to closing time. Should I fail to do so I understand I will be charged late fees in the amount of Rs. 200 for every hour
●	I understand that Smokey & Charlie reserves the right to refuse check outs after the designated hours
●	I understand that should I fail to complete payment within 7 days of the notified due date or do not pick up the dog for any reason within the 7 days of the notified date, Smokey & Charlie will proceed with considering the pet as an abandoned pet in which case, Smokey & Charlie has the right to take the dog to a third party adoption partner, animal shelter, or attempt to find a new owner for your dog
●	If you fail to pick-up your dog for any reason, you release Smokey & Charlie, its staff, owners, representatives, and agents from further liability and responsibility for your dog. With my signature below I certify that I have read and understand the agreement and waiver
●	I understand that if the dog requires urgent/critical/ immediate medical care and you are not able to reach me, I allow Smokey & Charlie to contact my veterinarian or any other accessible vet clinic as deemed necessary and if required take the dog to a veterinarian or animal hospital. The expenses for this consultation and the treatment there of shall be paid by me
●	In the event that me, my emergency contact, or any other person I have authorized in writing does not pick up my dog on the agreed upon departure date, I hereby authorize Smokey & Charlie to continue to provide boarding and any additional services at my expense
●	I agree that my dog may be recorded on camera and its images may be used for Smokey & Charlie's promotional material
●	I understand that although all dogs are fully supervised, that incidents of injuries may occur from playing alone / with other dogs which include but not limited to bites, scrapes, scratches, and sprains
●	I understand that while the team of Smokey & Charlie will do their very best to ensure that my dog stays safe and comfortable, there are chances, as with any facility housing animals, of an incident taking place. In the remote eventuality of such an incident happening, I release, indemnify and agree to hold Smokey & Charlie Doggy harmless from any and all forms damages, claims, loss, liabilities, costs or expenses, cause of actions or suits, whatsoever in law and equity,               (Including without limitation, advocates fees and related legal costs) arising out of or related to services provided by Smokey & Charlie. I release Smokey & Charlie, its staff, owners, representatives, and agents from any and all liability which I or my dog may suffer including but not limited to injury, sickness, damage or death while the dog is at the Smokey & Charlie premises

Our Policy on Refunds & Cancellations 

●	We welcome drop-ins and last-minute bookings and will do our best to fulfil your needs. All pet parents will still be required to fill out an application before their pet's stay can commence, and vaccination requirements must be satisfied for the safety of all of our guests. There is no extra charge for last-minute bookings
●	We do not provide refunds if cancellation is less than 48 hours prior to your pet's stay. If cancelled within 48 hours to 7 days prior we will give 50% of the total value of the stay in credit onto your account for future stays with us. If cancelled more than one week before the stay but less than one month this becomes a full credit on your account to use for future stays with us. We do not credit an account if the stay has begun or has passed and we are not notified (a no-show)
●	No refunds will be issued if you pick up your pet at an earlier date than scheduled
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