What is the level of training your staff have?

All the handlers are trained by JD, an ex-police officer who headed the Mumbai Police Dog Squad, and are well-equipped to handle pets of all size and temperaments.

Why do you require vaccinations?

We want to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our pet guests. Up-to-date vaccinations help prevent the spread of diseases, thereby ensuring a quality visit/stay for all of our guests.

Do you have a vet that you use in case medical treatment is required?

We have an in-house vet who will be available 24×7 to attend to any of the health issues of pets.

Are you prepared in the case of an emergency evacuation?

Our location has a full evacuation plan in place and is registered with the local fire department in case of emergency. We also provide team training on evacuation procedures.

How do you ensure the dogs play safely?

We meet every pet prior to their stay here. Within our facilities we offer several play zones, including ones that are designated for more active play and those that are more docile. Each area is carefully monitored by our specially trained handlers as well as cameras at all times.

How do you ensure a routine feeding schedule and medications are properly administered?

Our handlers are given a detailed schedule of the feeding and medication time for every pet, and they ensure the pets have their food and medicines on time.

How do you ensure that pets don’t get out of the facility?

Our facility is designed with emphasis on the safety of our entry and exits. All access points have a double door system and each suite features a round knob that can only be locked from the outside to prevent clever paws from opening latches.

Do you take in puppies?

Yes, we board puppies, but they must be vaccinated. All buddies over 5 months old are required to be vaccinated for rabies.

What kind of exercise will my dog get?

All our buddies can play freely in the indoor and outdoor play area.

What is your cancellation policy?

We need a 50% deposit at the time of booking. We are happy to offer a refund, if plans change more than one month before your pet’s stay. This becomes a credit on your account for future stays with us. Unfortunately, we are unable to credit an account if the stay has begun or has passed and we are not notified (no-show). No refunds will be issued if you pick up your pet at an earlier date than scheduled. Alternatively, if you require emergency care, contact us and if we have availability, we’ll book your pet in that same day.

What will my dog do during the day?

All our buddies are offered a balance of play, human interaction, problem solving, and time for rest. We provide time for a nap at least once a day (or more if needed), plenty of opportunity for play and social time, offer indoor and outdoor facilities, along with walks ensure the right mix of stimulation. Our team provides love, cuddles and one-on-one time each and every day. Your pup can rely on a routine and rhythm to their day at Smokey & Charlie, just as they are able to do at home.

Will I receive updates of my dogs stay?

Yes, you will get an SMS update every day. Also, during the daily video chat with your fur babies, we can fill you in on the day’s activities.

Can I tour Smokey & Charlie?

We would love to have you come and have the Smokey & Charlie experience. You can book your experience online. In case, your pet is joining in for the tour around the place, we request that they wait in the lobby with our handlers to ensure the health of your pet, as well as of our buddies already staying with us.

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Bungalow No. 114, Planetcast Road No.1, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai 400065. India.