ABOUT USThe Standards
Are Higher Here

We want to offer our furry buddies the best of care and services that are safe, so that their pet parents have complete peace of mind.


WHAT WE STAND FOROnly an incredible place for our buddies


All our dog handlers, know how to handle our buddies, signs to use, symptoms of illness, dog expressions and body language.


Snacks and fresh water are constantly available.

All Taken Care Of

If our furry buddy has separation anxiety, please bring something that smells like home.

We, Smokey & Charlie, totally get (well, as much as we can understand hoomans!) how difficult it must be for you to leave your fur babies behind, as you take off for work or vacations.

“Will they be fed properly? Will they go for their walks on time? Will they be happy with the other pets at the facility? Will they be given immediate and proper medical care, whenever they need it?” The question machine in your mind plays on loop. Pause it a bit.

We’ve sniffed out all your emotional and practical concerns, and then set up this gorgeous space for your pets in the beautiful, serene environs of Royal Palms. Smokey & Charlie have opened up their hearts and ample, unhindered area for the furries to move around happily and play freely. There are no cages; only clearly demarcated areas for different activities, and carefully planned stays for small pets as well as big, macho ones. And yes, we have specially trained handlers, nose-picked by us, who love and understand dogs, and they’ll intervene if anytime the play gets rough. They will also shower a lot of love and care on your babies, who they’ll treat like their own. So, chill! Everything is taken care of.

When our furry buddies want to sleep or relax peacefully, they’ll run off to their comfortable bunker beds. Every one of them will have a two-storied pod to themselves, and they can choose either to sleep on the bedded part on top or snuggle up in the cosy space below. All the pods are specially designed, keeping the different breeds in mind. We would love all our buddies to be super comfy and well rested.

Don’t be surprised (or be; we can’t really stop that feeling!!) if your pets start treating Smokey & Charlie as their second home. Because home is as much a feeling as it is the space.

We, Smokey & Charlie, born in 2023, are a creation of true love. Our pet parents, Archanaa & Arup, are professionals, who have now taken up their passion for pet care and started with this amazing pet stay facility; and are planning to offer more pet care services in the future.

What makes us so special!!

Unconditional Love: Both our pet parents, Archanaa & Arup, adore and understand pets deeply. They love spending time with pets, get to know their temperament, moods, likes and dislikes and take care of every pet’s interests like they would for their own fur babies.

Chosen Space: They wanted to give the pets the best; ample space, proximity to nature, and peace and quiet. So, they looked and looked and looked, till they zeroed in on this spacious bungalow in Royal Palms, which ticked all the checkboxes on what they had envisioned as a space for pets. It had to be this; they wouldn’t have settled for anything less.

Tiny, Tiny Details: From the open design of the place, beds, play area to the gym and vet’s cabin, everything has been planned from the pets’ perspective. What will make them feel happy and comfortable, how would they like the scent of the place to be, how would they like their meals, what would make them feel utmost cared for! Hours of planning, thinking, re-thinking have been put in to make Smokey & Charlie the fantastic space it is for pets.

Smokey & Charlie’s main aim is to ensure that our furry buddies have their best Me Time ever. So, whether it is the space design or their daily schedule, everything is planned to make their stay with us awesome.

Pleasing to their Senses: We’ve kept the space open, no cages, so our buddies can run around freely and never feel frustrated by boundaries. The space for relaxation is distributed over different floors, so all our buddies get their own space and don’t feel crowded by the presence of other pets. The entire place is air-conditioned to ensure their comfort, where they are playing, exercising or relaxing.

Well-planned Days: Our buddies are given a good mix of play, human interaction, problem solving and rest to keep them active, physically and mentally as well as rest comfortably. Once a day (or more, if they would like), they can take a nap. Just before bedtime, we play soft music to send the hint that it is time to wind down.

Making Friends: There’s going to be ample time and chance for bonding between the buddies. Our team of specially trained handlers provides love, cuddles and personal time every day. They match dogs according to their temperament and comfort level during interaction, so that their playtime is enjoyable.

Keeping Their Minds and Bodies Happy: Games that involve mental stimulation are organised so our buddies get the required brain exercise. The play area has a variety of natural materials and structures to facilitate a good time for pets.

Reach Us
Bungalow No. 114, Planetcast Road No.1, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai 400065. India.